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Mezzanine Floors, Storage Platform

Mezzanine floors, also known as:

  • raised storage floors
  • mezzanine platforms
  • platforms
  • storage mezzanines
  • industrial floors
  • retail mezzanines
  • industrial Flooring

An Equip Storage Systems mezzanine floor is designed, manufactured and installed to the highest standard using the finest quality materials to ensure a long trouble free service life. Each site is fully surveyed, and detailed plans are prepared for our customer’s approval before any manufacturing work takes place. This ensures each installation is best designed to suit our clients requirements.

A mezzanine floor is usually the most cost effective solution to creating additional floor space for virtually any use. A mezzanine floor can be installed in even the most challenging site at a fraction of the cost of extending using traditional building methods and is undoubtedly much cheaper than moving to larger premises with the associated moving and fitting out costs.

Our fully trained staff will advise on all aspects of the structure’s design and will provide free guidance through each step of the project from the initial site survey to completion. All mezzanine structures require approval under the building regulations and may also require landlord consent. We offer a free initial site consultation to discuss the individual requirements for the project and can obtain all of the necessary approvals on our client’s behalf.

Deck options include standard 38mm thick high density particle board or moisture resistant particle board, steel plate (either smooth or patterned), steel mesh or even concrete decking where a rigid deck is needed for specialist uses.

Every Equip Storage Systems mezzanine floor is supplied with the following ancillary equipment as required by the site:


We can supply standard industrial type, retail display type, or specialist types such as stainless steel, glass or mesh infilled, or special designs to our customers’ specifications.


Standard staircases are usually 900mm wide steel construction conforming to Part K of the National Building Regulations. Specialist staircases, such as a Showroom, can be supplied to suit the environment they serve, with handrailing to match. Wider staircases conforming to Part M (Disabled Access-DDA) of the National Building Regulations can also be supplied.


Where a storage mezzanine floor extends over more than 50% of the floor area of the building it is in or is larger than 20 metres in either direction, it will require FIRE PROTECTION. If the mezzanine floor is to be used for OFFICE or RETAIL use or if personnel are permanently stationed on it, it will also require FIRE PROTECTION. This can be easily provided for by fitting a SUSPENDED CEILING and fire protective casings to the columns. The ceiling and column casings can be provided in many finishes to suit our client’s requirements.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation site survey, or use our contact page to tell us your requirements. We undertake to return an initial quotation to all enquiries within one working day.

Every project includes the following comprehensive services:


Contact us today for free advice, and let us explain how we can help you achieve the best use of your space using an Equip Storage Systems mezzanine floor.

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How much does a Mezzanine floor cost?

If you want to create additional floor space, a mezzanine floor is typically the most cost-effective solution.

But how much does a mezzanine floor actually cost?

On average, mezzanine floors cost around £90-£200 per square metre.

Bear in mind that this is an approximation since various factors impact the price. The total cost of building your mezzanine floor depends on components such as:

  • The size and position of the mezzanine floor
  • The complexity of the mezzanine floor and finishings
  • Where on-site the mezzanine floor is fitted
  • The site’s access
  • Building and fire regulations
  • The amount of steelwork required
  • Material type and quality

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What is meant by a mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine floor is a free-standing warehouse structure that is usually made from steel, aluminium, or fibre. Mezzanine floors can be used to store materials or create an additional workspace in a warehouse.

Mezzanine floors are typically much less expensive than adding a second story to a building, and they can be installed quickly and easily. Additionally, mezzanine floors often do not require planning permission from local authorities.

The Advantages of a Mezzanine

There are many advantages to installing a mezzanine in your business premises. Mezzanines are highly efficient, quick to install and can be very profitable, maximising the space in your building.

Mezzanines are usually constructed from steel which makes them extremely strong and durable – perfect for industrial and commercial applications. They are also very versatile, and can be easily reconfigured or relocated and expanded as your business grows.

Quick to install, mezzanines can often be completed in just a few days with minimum disruption to your business operations. And because they make use of existing space within your premises, they are a very cost-effective solution.

Where can you use a Mezzanine floor?

There are a few places where you might commonly see a mezzanine floor used. One place is in a retail setting, where the mezzanine level can be used for additional storage or as office space for office spaces and staff rest rooms.

Another common place you’ll see mezzanines is in warehouses, where they can be used to create an upper level of storage.

And finally, office buildings often have mezzanines as well, which can be used for a variety of purposes such as extra storage, meeting rooms, or even residences for employees.


Utilise the space you already have with an EQUIP STORAGE SYSTEMS Mezzanine Floor!