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Welcome to Equip Storage Systems. West Midlands based UK mezzanine floor specialist with complementary products including office partitioning, suspended ceilings, racking and shelving.

Equip Storage Systems Ltd offer a full range of industrial Shelving and Racking Systems for any storage application. Whether you require a single bay of standard steel shelving or a full warehouse system of pallet racking we have the solution for your storage needs including shelf trays and storage containers.

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Our pallet racking systems is designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials. The racking uprights are fully braced with the beam sections clipped into the uprights to form pallet storage. Normally no decking is fitted between the beams, however if required various deck materials can be supplied, either wood, steel or mesh.


Equip Storage Systems offer a wide variety of shelving systems to meet virtually any environment. Whether its boxes in a warehouse you need to store or food in a kitchen or anything in between we have a system to suit your needs either email us your requirement or download our catalogue for our full range.


If you need to store long items such as tubing or timber products our cantilever racking is ideal for this type of product. It can even be clad to provide a covered storage area such as a builders yard. Please give us a call to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

Our full product catalogue can be downloaded as a PDF file complete with fax back order form.

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What’s the difference between Racking and Shelving?

Racking and shelving are two storage options that can be used in a variety of settings within businesses. They both have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the right option for your needs. Here’s a quick overview of the main differences between racking and shelving:

Racks tend to be more sturdy than shelves since they have a skeleton-like frame of bars that supports the weight of whatever is on them. This makes them ideal for storing heavy or bulky items that need to be stored securely. However, racks can take up more space than shelves since they need to stand freely, and they’re not as easy to install.

What’s types of racking are there?

Standard Racking as the name suggests, these are the most basic and commonly used type of pallet rack in warehouses across the globe. Standard racks typically come in two styles: uprights (the vertical frame that supports weight) and beams (the horizontal piece that connects two uprights). Beams can be either adjustable or welded in place, while uprights can be either teardrop or structural channel style.

Narrow aisle racking is a type of warehouse storage system that uses aisles that are too narrow for forklifts to pass through, so the shelves must be accessed by hand. This type of rack is often used in warehouses that are short on space.

Drive-in racking is a type of storage system that allows workers to store and retrieve equipment without having to enter the actual storage area. Workers simply drive their vehicles up to the loading dock, load or unload the items, and then drive away. This makes drive-in racking an extremely efficient way to store and retrieve items, as it eliminates the need for workers to go back and forth between the storage area and the loading dock. In addition, drive-in racking systems can be designed with either a first-in/first-out (FIFO) or a last-in/first-out (LIFO) configuration. This means that workers can choose whichever system best suits their needs.

Cantilever racking is a type of industrial storage rack that uses horizontal beams extending from the wall to support shelves. The shelves are cantilevered off of the beam, which gives them more room to store longer or heavier items.

Cantilever racks are often used in warehouses and factories where large, heavy items need to be stored. They are very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight, making them perfect for storing large quantities of inventory.

Carton Live racking is a warehouse storage system designed to store goods in cartons. The racks are made up of frames and beams that hold upright carton dividers. The dividers create small compartments that allow for the storage of multiple cartons in each space. This type of storage is beneficial because it takes up less space than traditional pallet racks, and it allows for easy access to the goods.

What is the typical depth of racking?

The depth of rack is 24 inches (600mm) wide, 42 inches (1066.80mm) deep, and 73.6 inches (1866.90mm).

What is the typical depth of racking?

Racking is measured by the distance between the outside of the upright and the inside of the rack. This will give you the depth of the rack. Most racks are around 16″ in depth, but can vary depending on your needs.

But custom pallet racks may be a differ in size.

Measure the outside face of the vertical column and then measure the inside face of the column.


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